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Frequently Asked Questions and Pet Tips

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Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease that attacks the fast growing cells of the body such as bone marrow or the lining of the stomach and intestines.  Without treatment it is fatal and a few dogs & puppies succumb even with treatment.  Puppies need to receive at least 4 Parvo vaccines in order to be protected and should not go out into public or be around strange dogs until they are fully vaccinated.

There is now a strain of Parvo that came over from Europe in addition to the strain already existing here.  The normal Parvo vaccine we have been using is not very effective against it.  Adobe recommends getting and carries an additional Parvo vaccine that contains protection against the new strain.

Although vaccine recommendations may vary, Adobe still recommends yearly parvo vaccinations for the Oxnard and entire Ventura County area due to the high number of Parvo cases recently seen.


Microchip your pet and keep the information up to date with the registry.  Having a microchip can mean the difference between life and death and reuniting a lost or injured pet with its owner.  Remember Katrina and imagine the difference it made for the animals that could be identified.

Pet Insurance

There are many companies out there for you to chose between.  The one we see most frequently is VPI* (Veterinary Pet Insurance).  Do your research and find the one that is right for you and your pet.  Now if you have $2000.00-$3000.00 set aside in a fund for your pet in case of emergency you do not need to do this; but if you don't, you should buy the insurance.  One serious trip to the emergency room or critical care hospital can easily run into the thousands for a one to two night stay or a major surgery.  Even your general practitioner's bill can run up with a large surgery or long term hospitalization.  Pet insurance can make the difference in life and death for these pets and keeps you, the owner, out of the poor house.  There are even plans that cover normal health care such as vaccinations.

If your local hospital offers their own plan, why not buy it instead?  Many reasons! The main one being that you can only use it at that clinic only.  This does you no good at the emergency room, any other vet's office or if you are out of state.  National pet insurance can be used anywhere, including at your vet!

Flea Protection

You need to use a good product such as Revolution, Frontline, or Advantage every month.  There are always fleas, even in winter, and it is much easier to keep your pet and family protected than to fight against a flea infestation.  Flea products can be purchase from your veterinarian.

Over-the-counter products are inexpensive and DO NOT WORK.  Plus, 50% of cats will have seizures if exposed to these products or if any dog products are placed on them (The ones I listed above are safe for both dogs and cats).  Research Pyrethrin on the internet.  Most OTC flea medications have either this or a synthetic derivative of it.

As for natural flea products... Pyrethrin is as natural as you can get and it still will kill cats.  If you are going to use the OTC brands be prepared to have fleas, the diseases they can bring, and potentially a trip to the emergency room so you better also have Pet insurance (see above)!


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